Dr. Mohatarem has adopted advanced access for her patients. This means if you call for an appointment in the morning, we will make every effort to see you that same day or within 24 hours depending on what hours your doctor is working that day. We ask patients who do not need an urgent appointment to try to avoid calling on Monday morning when the office is dealing with emergency appointments from the weekend.  Appointments for physicals and well baby visits and certain diabetic visits will still need to be booked ahead of time.

Patients are seen by appointment only.  If you feel you need to be seen urgently please call the office first.  A triage nurse will speak with you to assess the urgency of the problem and provide you with a suitable time to come in to see the doctor or will advise you if you need to proceed directly to the Emergency Room.  Calling first ensures that you will not have to sit in the waiting room for lengthy periods of time waiting to see the doctor.


1.     Unless you have an urgent problem DO NOT CALL on a Monday.  Phones are busiest on Monday morning with people who have become ill over the weekend.  If you are booking an appointment for prescription refills, test results or any other NON-URGENT appointment,LATER IN THE WEEK IS BETTER.  Phones are less busy and there is more choice of times available.


2.     If your appointment is not urgent, please call the office after 9:30 AM - you will find it easier to get through to the office and will have a shorter wait time on the phone for a receptionist. If we are unable to see you that day, we will try to get you in within 24 hours. 


3.     Remember that some appointments will need to be booked ahead of time, these include physicals, well baby appointments, prenatal visits and diabetic reviews. Patients who rely on DARTS or a ride from a friend or a relative will also need to prebook. Please try to plan ahead to make sure that you can book the appointment on a day that is convenient for you.


4.     Your physician will be away from time to time for various reasons. When this happens we will make sure that all urgent requests are seen as soon as possible. For those requests that can wait we ask that you wait for your physician's return for an appointment.

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